Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Research Ready

Well, here it is... the beginning of the end of the "Neverending Story".

That's right...I'm about to embark on the final year of my MA.
Let me tell you....3 years is too long to spend on an MA. All you smartypants out there thinking that this might be a good idea.... 2 words: ONE. YEAR.

So, I've just downloaded loads of reading materials to get me started, and the stack of stuff on my desk is inspiring flat-out panic. My last course before the dissertation (yeah...in England they call the Masters thesis a dissertation...weird huh?) is called "Developing Researcher Competence", and as the name implies, it aims to turn you into a good researcher before you are let loose on your "Dissertation".

It would probably be a good idea to have an idea of what kind of topic I'd like to research. I don't.
It would probably be a good idea to have a consistent job which one could subject to some kind of scrutiny. I don't.
It would probably be a good idea to have a real blog where I discuss in academic terms the fascinating world of TESOL and Educational Technology. I don't.

I'm still limping along with my outdated Blogger blog, my on-again, off-again job, and my complete lack of insightful, meaningful research proposals.

Gonna have to step up my game real soon!

But first.... Limahl.  ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahhhh....